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Goalie Play
Whitley, Andrew []

Only FOUR absolutes.  Everything else is adjustable based on comfort.

1. Balls of your feet (STANCE)

-Be in a comfortable ready position

-Be ready to move as soon as ball is released from stick


2. Step to the BALL (CUT DOWN ANGLES)

                -Avoid stepping without moving (heel strike)

-Make forward progress (lateral stepping leaves goalie unbalanced and prevents goalie from

                reaching the edges of the goal)

-Cover as much goal as possible (MOVE WITH BALL)

-DO NOT BAIT, SAVE THE BALL (5 goalies in the world have the ability to bait -- you're NOT

                coaching one of them)


3. Elbows are in front of torso (GET HANDS TO THE BALL)


                -Catch the ball (do not “pop” – we need one media guide cover shot per year)

                -Elbows even or behind torso force inefficient movement (out and around)

                -More fingertips than palms

                -Should be able to throw a pass without changing grip




                -Shooting to the far post usually involves contact for the offensive player (something they want

NO part of)

                -Posts are the only “anchor point” on field

                -Make offensive plays score on “good” shots


Things to keep in mind (MENTAL GAME)

1.       Develop a plan (what shots you will concede, what you defend against all costs, where you wants shooters to shoot from (goalie strengths, preferably), etc.)

2.       Learn to play WHEN plan breaks down (NOT IF, because it will)

3.       It is counterintuitive, but RELAX

4.       You are outstanding if you are UNSUCCESSFUL 40% OF THE TIME (60%+ is the standard)

5.       Good and bad shots will go in (DON’T CHASE THE LAST SHOT)



1.       Ladder (run through, left/right foot lead, lateral) -- #1

2.       Bucket with short stick/shaft -- #2 and #3

3.       "5 and 5" drill (2 or 3 people -- usually use an injured player or two) -- #4 and #3

4.       Three (3) point knock out with ladder -- Goalie specific conditioning and game speed shooting